Education Outreach

Free Healthcare Outreach

  • Healthfair Screening
  • Surgical Intervention
  • Surgical Intervention
  • Year-Round Support
  • Specialty Outreach

Infrastructure Support

  • Boreholes
  • Mortuary Building
  • Classroom Block Building
  • Micro Financing

Education - Expand Opportunity

  • Scholarship Awards:  40 to 50 Annual Scholarship Awards for students with connection to the AFIJIO Local Government Area.  This includes students in Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary schools within area and students from tertiary (trade schools, polytechniques, universities, etc.) institutions in Nigeria.

Education - Reward Excellence

  • Project Achieve:  Designed to prepare high school students hand-picked by their schools for taking the ACT and SAT exams with the goal of improving their aptitudes in core subjects and hope of winning scholarships to overseas institutions for further studies.
  • Mentoring:  To engage in ongoing mentoring relationship with scholarship awardees for improved performance and future professional growth.

Healthcare - Screen & Educate

  • Healthfair Screening and Education: Our healthfair consist of 5 days of free Children's Outreach and Adult Outreach where specific health parameters are investigated to ensure our fair attendees' health is properly assessed.  The children are dewormed to address the acute problem of water borne diseases and small provision of daily vitamins are supplied.  The adults are put through a battery of tests to ascertain their health through blood pressure measurements, urine and blood tests, and physical exams for prostate, breast and cervical cancers as appropriate.

Healthcare - Intervene Medically

  • Medical Intervention: The results of the screening helps determine next steps which often involves on the spot consultation or follow-up with specialist physicians, on the spot prescription and recommended continued support, and recommendation for surgical intervention.

Healthcare - Intervene Surgically

  • Surgical Intervention: Surgical intervention decisions are usually evaluated on case-by-case basis and because of potential expense of such decision, the board is consulted prior to making a commitment.  If surgical intervention is recommended by our specialists, we collaborate with local experts to deliver the best and least expensive solution for a positive outcome for our participants.

Healthcare - Year-Round Clinic

  • Year-Round Support: To encourage continued vigilance from our participants. a year-round outreach post was establish as a pseudo healthcare clinic to help monitor hypertensive and diabetic patients, offering free testing and at cost wholesale pricing on their medication.

Healthcare - Specialty Programs

  • Specialty Outreach: Our specialty outreach programs are designed to screen for and provide surgical intervention to address the needs expressed by the community.  Past outreaches have included breast cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer surgeries but recently the eye clinic has turned out to most in demand.  Surgeries under this umbrella are limited to 20 - 40 individuals selected based on the critical of the problem.

Next Steps...

We need and welcome your support and assistance!

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