Project Achieve

Project Description: AOOF-Project Achieve is an arm of the educational outreach of the Abel Ogundokun Odeleye Foundation (AOOF). AOOF is a Non-Profit Organization with a steadily Growing Outreach Programs in support of community service and educational needs of the Ilora and AFIJIO peoples extending throughout Oyo State and Nigeria.

Project Achieve will prepare select AFIJIO students with the right aptitude and attitude to secure overseas scholarship sponsorships by providing appropriate training and testing skills for successfully passing standardized college admission examinations such as SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and ACT (American College Testing). The SAT and ACT are standardized tests widely used for college admissions in the United States.


Year-Round Outreach Post

Amid praise worship and dancing, the AOOF Year-round Outreach post opened for business on August 29, 2011.  The outreach post is open every Monday and Tuesday for existing AOOF patients as well as new walk-ins.

Under supervision of Dr. Akinremi, the attendant is authorized to dispense prescribed medication at discounted rates, take blood pressure readings, perform urinalysis, and perform diabetes testing.  Any irregular screening results are referred to the local general hospital for further investigations.

This was a two-year infrastructure project which was made possible only because of the commitment and donations from our supporters.  As with each of our infrastructure projects, a handful of our donors always step up to partner with us.  In the spirit of deep appreciation for their support, we would like to acknowledge the Fakhoury family whose special interest in and contributions towards this project made a world of difference.  That support was in memory of their grandmother whose life was dedicated to community service and making a difference.  May her gentle soul rest in peace.